NEW YORK CITY— Global GIF phenomenon and Winner of the 2012 ‘Meme Of The Year’ Webby Award, NYAN CAT is the inspiration behind #NYANCATCITY: The first Meme pop-up shop in The World!!!
Curated and produced by New York Art Department, #NYANCATCITY celebrates networked culture and encourages digital to analog interaction.

#NYANCATCITY is headquartered at The Hole’s retail shop: The Hole Shop. Voted 2012 Best Gallery Store by the Village Voice, The Hole Shop has transformed into an immersive all NYAN CAT shop. NYAN CAT fans can purchase exclusive official NYAN CAT merchandise that have been handpicked by creator PRguitarman.

For a limited time, you can now purchase these exclusive items even if you aren't in NYC, from the website you're on right now!!!

So what are you waiting for?!?! Check it all out NOW!!


You've made it to the online version of #NYANCATCITY and your life may never be the same! This is the only place on the Internet to purchase some of these LIMITED EDITION Nyan Cat items!!

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